Travel SF of the Mind

30 Aug

Science fiction according to Isaac Asimov had its ancient origin in travel literature. Herodotus,father of history, created an imaginary Egypt of the mind  that caught  interest. Where are we to find new lands to journey to? The  levels of the  human  thinking  and its  fictions can provide such frontiers that excite and  entangle  our  feelings  and ideas.

The stories and serial novels of this blog touch a multitude of times and places, both the real and the imagined. Here is a brief catalog: ancient Egypt, Sumeria, Phoenicia, Israel, Rome, Dacia, Greece, Gaul, and the Sahara. Medieval Ireland, Spain, France, and Germany. Modern Brasil, the U.S.A., China, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia, Serbia, Great Britain, Austro-Hungary, Albania, and Rumania. Has anyone been overlooked?

When it seemed to be appropriate, imagined countries and societies became the setting for narratives.


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