The Wahconda

7 Nov

I have long wondered what my wahconda does when I sleep.

Let me describe what my position and situation are. Only here in Siouan Territory, north of the Missouri River do metaphysical relationships such as ours exist. Communication with a wahconda is nearly impossible elsewhere, occurring no more than once or twice in a holder’s lifetime. But my connection grew into an urgent need for me. Endless torture ate at my thought: what does my wahconda do while I am unconscious and slumbering? That question came to dominate my mind, taking over and obsessing me here in the city of Winnebago. But in an unexpected moment a kind of revelation occurred to me.

My personal wahconda spoke as I lay in bed one early evening. I was neither fully awake nor asleep. but in the middle region between.

As your individual spirit object, I am aware of your lengthy period of inner suffering about my activity while you rest in coma.

No wahconda that I know of ever uncovers such information about itself to its human counterpart. Such a thing is not allowed due to inhibition on our part. We do not wish to share knowledge with those like you. Only your evident pain and its unlimited extent impels me to tell you what you wish to find out.

I cannot speak for others, for each of us has different, varying tasks. What I now describe as personally unique to myself.

While you are inert in dreamland, I go about committing evil crimes.

My time during the night is spent by me in stealing, injuring, and killing.

Do not be excessively alarmed, but I am a wahconda of the darker variety. My victims tend to be the weak or innocent. I prefer to rob and murder the proud and the greedy. Those I steal from can afford their losses. The people whom I kill are those who desire to be punished. In reality, I am a kind of single vigilante, going out in the dark to carry out the punishment each of them has earned.

These operations of mine are by no means new, for I have been doing them since your earliest years. I took away the toys of bullies and injured those who threatened harm to you. My aim has been to clear the road forward so that you could achieve your goals.

Here is the truth that you must now accept: I can accomplish what is impossible for you yourself. There is no other way for successful living to come about for you.

If desired, I can provide a detailed description of the acts I have carried out. What do you say, then?

What could I say to my wahconda? Yes, I answered, go on with your narration of the bitter truth.

The list of unsolved crimes continued on and on. My mind turned into a cluttered mess of disturbing deeds and unacceptable sins. My conscience was profoundly troubled, increasingly at a loss as to what my response had to be at the end of the day.

That is it, the wahconda finally announced. I have now reached the present time.

My responsibility became clear. Direct action was called for on my part.

But how does one go about the destruction of a special being like a wahconda?

I decided upon a fiery electrocution. My own home would have to be sacrificed, but that was a necessity within my scheme of retribution.

During daytime, while my companion rested in slumber, I wired up my small hogan for rapid annihilation. I could be awake, but my wahconda could not. The time had to be a full daylight hour to be successful.

It was only minutes before noon that I pulled the switch on the electricity, shorting the mechanism that I myself had devised.

Sparks flew higher and higher over the hogan roof. Flames leaped up and spread up and down, in all directions. Destruction came quicker than I imagined it would.

A sense of fulfillment came to me, because I understood that freedom from my evil wahonda was about to come to me. Liberation was there on the horizon. It was visible and palpable.

But suddenly there sounded a resonant voice from out of the sparks and flames.

“You fool! What do you think is going to happen to me and to you? The flaming storm has already immobilized me. My legs are gone and escape for me is impossible. I am in the midst of my own end and nothing can reverse my fate. But let me predict what your destiny is to be.

“Very soon, you shall turn into a wahonda such as I am. To kill one is to become one. It will be necessary for you to locate and attach yourself to a human host, a breathing residence.

“What sort of wahconda will you become? I can foresee that, and now let me tell you.

“No different in nature from me shall your state be.

“Welcome to the realm of the killing wahondas, dear fellow. I am soon gone, but you are the one who shall continue what I have been doing. You shall complete the evil I have only begun.”


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