Chapter 3.

28 Jan

Raxis began working in the main industry of Velvet, hyaloplasmics. He first became familiar with the original product, glass, and the traditional methods by which it was produced from sand and silex. He learned the art of glass-blowing, becoming a master at it. But he soon transferred to more advanced work, making complex, advanced products. He became an expert on the varieties of crystalloids, colloidals, ceratoids, albuminoids, and soliquids. His knowledge expanded ever more widely.

In time, he received certificates qualifying him in all areas of liquid crystal and hyalogel, the most advanced frontier in the glass industry.

But the mind of Raxis Absum still lived in a psychic framework. He gave public talks and speeches describing his dream of a telepathic community, an interconnected union of affiliated, message-exchanging minds. The structure of his thought grew more elaborated and detailed.

“The framework of the human mind resembles an infinite complex of mirrors,” he told his listeners. “It is ideas that bounce and reflect among their countless surfaces. Back and forth the thoughts travel, without end.

“For most persons, these mirrors operate only internally. But for people with psychic gifts, the transmitted thoughts can move between the separate minds. Short or long may be the distances bridged by the mirrors and the waves of ideas going between them. Individuals have more or less talent in telesthesic communication. Their gifts may become developed or waste away. Up to the present, no one has reached full psychic perfecting.”

A new organization was established and named the Velvet Psychic Association. Its founder, Raxis, became the president and executive chairman.

Jeca volunteered to work as acting secretary.

Within a year, membership increased to over one hundred.

The fundamental tenets of the movement were formulated by Raxis in a pamphlet that grew into a folio volume. His philosophy came to touch upon all aspects of life.

“Advanced psychic knowledge and skill must be made available to the entire population. Velvet must turn itself into a mental society, a telepathic planet. For that purpose, special schooling institutes are to be provided, first of all for the entire membership of our newly organized association. The message of our telesthetic movement is to be spread far and wide till it is heard by everyone. Missionaries are to present the opportunity to transmit thought to all persons. Conversions to the new way of thought have to be inspired. A revolution in common mentality is the invitation that we send to all. However much time it might take, communication by thought has to become universal. No individual is to be omitted from it, no one at all.

“Victory will arrive once psychic interconnections are shared by everyone. A new Velvet, thoroughly psychic, is to be created in time.”

A man of a different character from that of Raxis Absum entered the stage as the telepathic movement expanded.

Duko Srem was the Head of Police in the capital city of Tinok. But his ambition for dominant power reached far above that rank and post. It had hardly any limit at all. He hungered for supremacy over all others, whether high or low.

There was nothing impressive about his body or its form. Of medium height and weight, his hair was brunette, his eyes an ordinary dark brown. He always wore an ordinary business suit of red gabardine. There were no insignia of office or occupation on this modest appearing man. But a power-mad mind commanded his actions from behind the outward mask of ordinariness.

Duko collected a following of friends and allies who frequently met with him in his modest, middle class apartment. What the small coterie discussed here was always a secret. For they were conspiring to carry out a total change in the public and private life on Velvet.

It was at the end of a hot summer evening that Duko threw forth a challenge to all the others around him. Sitting at the end of a long kingwood table, he addressed his comrades in a low, baritone voice with a rhythmic cadence to it.

“The hour has finally arrived. Only if we take action immediately can safety and stability be preserved. The people of Velvet are ready for a power state that only the forces of the police can provide. Conditions have ripened, so we must quickly move into position. There can be no delay. This opportune moment must not be allowed to pass by unutilized. That would be a disaster, a shame.

“The government of our planet is loose and lax, allowing every sort of criminality and vice to flourish. Disorder rules, not order. Our present leaders are lazy and ineffective. Look at the numerous outrages they permit and tolerate. There are malignancies all about us, but no one does anything about them.

“We see corrupt debauchery everywhere. There are gymnosophists who practice and advocate public nudity. People act as if there are no limits, no general laws that apply to everyone. Look at the popularity of the telepsychics here in Tinok. All of society is losing its purpose. We have no sense of direction left. Everyone able to reason sees the threatening dangers.

“Restoration is necessary and now is the moment to accomplish it. The population will support those who take the initiative. Everything is ready. The forces of the police can alone give us a policed state. This is the historical moment.”

He stopped and scanned the table up and down, on both sides. Without any vote, the group surrendered its will to Duko. He began to issue orders for the seizure of power through the police forces of Velvet.

Special edition gazettes brought news of the takeover to the public the next morning. A special sheet describing the event was delivered to the colloidal plant where Raxis worked as a laboratory analyst.

The telepath read it over and over, till its significance sank in. This new regime meant peril to the movement he had recently founded, that was plain to him.

Over an etherwave receiver, Raxis and his fellow workers learned of the occupation of rail train and land carrier stations by armed squads of police and volunteers. Throughout the capital of Tinok, all important activities fell under the eyes of plainclothes detectives and police agents. The coup was evidently successful.

Schools and the university were closed for a short time. Public gatherings and entertainment were postponed or cancelled.

Leaders of the previous government were placed under home surveillance and suspended from office and duties.

No violence occurred, the takeover proving smooth and sudden, nearly like clockwork.


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