Chapter 4.

28 Jan

The first person Raxis had a discussion with about the new dictatorship was Jeca, the one closest to him. The two met at an aliment lunch room across from Tinok Glass. As they consumed bowls of hard-boiled ovula and eddo root, they talked about how their movement could adjust to living under a policed state.

Raxis, his jaw hard and determined, spoke in a saddened tone. “Conditions will probably become extremely difficult for us. There may be hobbles placed in our way. No one can say for sure. We must be prepared to adjust to a radically altered situation.”

Jeca looked alarmed. “How can our activities continue as before? How are we to grow with new members if the police are watching and monitoring everyone and what they do? I foresee people becoming afraid to join or affiliate with anything whatever. Everyone is going to act cautiously.”

He did not reply at once, pondering how to express his thoughts and feelings.

“More than ever,” he finally said, “our success will rest on the potentials inherent in the telesthetic ties we are building among us. What our members lack in physical contact and presence will be made up for through intensified psychic bonds. How can a police dictatorship interfere with non-physical thought? How can censors enter the precincts of the mind? We will, in a profound sense, be outside the scope of the new regime.”

“You have so much faith in our cause, Raxis!” she exclaimed with admiration.

He stretched forth his right arm, placing the hand down upon hers.

Jeca gave him a look of surprise that soon vanished.

There were no more words exchanged till they said good-bye and parted.

Dictator Duko made frequent contact in his early days of power with the tiny clique of bankers, industrialists, and landowners who had sent him secret funds and support when he first preached his doctrine of the policed state to them.

Especially impressive were the alarms and warnings coming from the hyalic and glass tycoons. They had picked up information about the new telepathic organization of psychics spreading its new ideas. What were these people up to? The industrialists speculated on the worst possible plans and intentions of the movement that was beginning to grow. Might they in the future pose some sort of risk to the newly created dictatorship? No one could say with authority whether there might some day be a threat to the established order of things.

Duko was advised to end the ferment before it rose to dangerous dimensions. This was in step with his own inner sense of how to prevent problems from turning serious. He realized that it would be wise to eliminate any chance of the psychic organization becoming a major political influence. It was his idea to take action against the telepaths as soon as it could be done.

There was no time to lose. Duko sent a command to the clandestine service within the Tinok police to set up a surveillance watch on the psychic organization and take action whenever anything suspicious was found going on among them.

Raxis did not at all know that such aggressive intrusion had been set in motion.

Merciless tyranny fell over the planet of Velvet.

Those suspected of disloyalty faced the danger of arrest or abduction by the clandestine police, now the personal arm of Dictator Duko.

Secret interrogations included many varieties of torture. Rumors of beatings resulting in deaths spread everywhere. An atmosphere of official terror grew, intimidating all strata of Velvet. Never before had the citizens experienced such outrages and abuses. Their lives became the playthings of the officials of the dictatorial regime. Fear consumed most people’s inner energies.

The one island of sanity was the Telesthetic Association, which now became centered at the Tinok Glass Company, its works and offices. The research laboratory had people completely dedicated to the ideas of Raxis Absum, who had risen to lead the scientific research there. Telepathic communication with units and individuals scattered over the planet was in progress at all times. The psychic ties centered here covered and wove together all of Velvet.

Raxis, in effective control of the laboratory, ran experiments aimed at enhancing the psychic abilities and power of the members of the movement. Questions were raised about the effects of various substances and objects upon psychic transmission and reception. Many tests were conducted. Using pillows of glass fiber to hold different materials in place, attempts were made to increase the power of transensual parts of the brain through the use of possible enhancers.

The researchers working under Raxis carried out tests of hyalinized gels, colloids, aerosols, emulsions, grumes, and semifluids. Interest came to focus upon silicium solutions. The telepaths tried out starchy amyloids, gummy euteotoids, and jelly-like gelatinoids. Hydrosols and soliquids were found to be of no psychic value at all. Raxis directed the attention of his team toward emulsoids and plasma gels. Using common, everyday language, he labelled the solutions to be tested by terms that described how they looked: creamy, pasty, doughy, spongy, sappy, silty, oozy, miry, sludgy, pussy, mucous, clabbered, clotted, gummy, slimy, gunky, or gooey. The hunt for substances to test went on and on. There had to be something of value in this area of study, both the leader and his followers believed.

For a considerable time, Raxis investigated silicium as a mulsifier capable of holding in suspension a mixture of several immiscible liquids. This quality of dilatancy, of holding other substances in suspension, came to intrigue his mind to the exclusion of alternatives. He had a strong intuition that he was on the right track. He proceeded to study colloidal gels containing minute amounts of silicium compounds that made them thixotropic. This latter characteristic made them of profound interest to him.

These plasmatic gels could liquefy when agitated, but then return to gel form when set at rest. Raxis asked himself whether he could create a plasma gel that was psychotropic, that could be changed in form through telepathic means? That held the promise of an enhancing substance as well.

As if by some invisible intuition, Raxis directed his associates to investigate compound after compound, form after form. He never tired of what he was attempting to achieve. Some unseen, unknown compass seemed to be leading his search for a solution to the questions in his mind.

At long last, a lyophilic capability to dissolve a gel into a pure liquid was found in a particular hyaloplasm of silicium. The mind of a psychic was able to control this chemical process with visible effect. Raxis himself was able to turn the form back and forth, back and forth. His special mental power was his sole instrument of transformation. The supremacy of mind over matter had been proven and established.

The next, approximate step was to use these psychotropic methods to facilitate and increase the power of telepathic communication.

That was next on his scientific agenda.


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