Part I. Chapter X.

31 Jan

Endo rushed to the end of the book he held in his hands. He had read with all the fervor of his excited mind, faster and faster. His breathing grew in speed, as also did his heart pulse.

The meaning of the novella became ever clearer to him. He came to understand it both literally and in symbolic terms. As if by instinct, he accepted all of its principal themes and teachings.

Endo saw the protagonist, Raxis Absum, as his own other, second self. Here was a supreme explorer of the human mind. He was a pioneer unlike any before him in time.

To this reader, Raxis became more real than the living human beings around himself.

This character on the planet named Velvet had developed into the young telepath’s ego ideal, the one he would have liked to be. It was an identity forever intertwined with his own. A new person found in the pages of a novella was now part of the innermost life of Endo Valino. The latter realized that very few works of fiction have the ability to change a reader so profoundly. “The Velvet Psychic” was going to exercise such an influence upon himself, he now knew concerning the book he had just finished.

Though drowsy and exhausted, Endo vowed to himself that he would locate and communicate with the author, identified on the cover and the title page as Augo Fabril. There was so much he wanted to ask and find out about. He imagined what enlightening exchanges there could be with such a mind.

What did the writer know concerning all that the future of telepathy held in store? The author might be able to provide him a detailed picture of what lay ahead for psychic exploration and discovery. How much more than what appeared in the novella did this Augo Fabril know? There had to be a lot of territory and topics not covered in the book itself.

These questions kept him awake all that night. His reading had liberated his mind from self-doubt. Endo had a renewed confidence about his own future in this area of mental endeavor.

First of all, he had to return the book to the fellow who had lent it to him.

His plan now was to place an order somewhere for the second volume in the Velvet Series, soon to be presented to the public. It was vitally important to get hold of and read it. Who could predict what new revelations might be opened up for him by the new novella centered upon Raxis Absum?

He had to visit Sucre Publications and try to make contact with the author of the futuric adventures. They shared a common passion. The ideas in the book had seized total hold of him. His mind was caught up in an obsessive manner. He was now a fervent fan of everything connected with Raxis and Velvet. The task ahead for him was to obtain total knowledge of the new psychic universe that had been opened up.

Endo looked up the address of the publishing firm and headed there to find out what he could.


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