Chapter 2.

1 Feb

Dawt Uxor had a stage presence second to none.

He entered the spacious hall from the street entrance and moved through the cheering, clapping crowd to the front stage and the rostrum on it. His body was muscular and vigorous. Sharp cobalt blue eyes took in and greeted the followers on each side of the center aisle. Dawt was slowed down by the need he felt to shake as many hands as possible. At last he reached the place from which he was to address the assembled listeners. After a quick scan of the entire audience, he started to talk in a vibrant, ringing voice.

“Brothers and sisters of Velvet,

“I am here today to explore with you the meaning and significance of our many roles in the field of telepathy. We all know to what degree all aspects of life on our home planet have been affected by the complete immersion in psychic activity that now dominates us.

“But why has the telesthetic regime that rules over us failed in its promise to bring happiness and personal fulfillment to all?

“Why do problems still plague us? Why are so many people on Velvet troubled even today?

“My background and experience as a magnetic engineer has aided me in finding the answer to that.

“Piezomagnetics teaches that an electrostream of particles cannot be allowed to wander and meander at random, but has to be directed and focused into a single, clearly marked pathway with one direction to it. That is the only way the magnetic force can be used and exploited. As you probably have noticed, my emphasis is on the concept of focus. That is the main key to success in telesthetics.

“Without a clear, sharp focus there is no successful psychic communication. A message can only be transmitted to one definite, concrete target, not broadcast about in a random manner. Every possible effort must be made to ensure connection between the source and the receiver. A single stream must not be permitted to lose its way and go off its set road.

“A single, concrete, particular recipient, an individual person must be picked out as the intended consumer of the communication. Just as one must speak to a specific target over the echophone, exactly the same situation with psychic sendings. They are not by nature universal, but confined and limited to definite destinations composed of individuals.

“Let me tell you this: there has been too much generalism on Velvet. It is too costly and inefficient. Let us not be swept away with abstract, all-around calls and messages. That would not save us.

“Psychic life was always meant to have a clearcut, well-defined terminus in separate, individual minds. Our thought were not meant to be broadcast at-large. They are by nature specific. They are particular.

“Just as a physician cannot treat entire populations of patients with one action, so psychic thought cannot effectively be distributed about carelessly, heedlessly, or wildly.”

The speaker stopped while his cobalt eyes surveyed the silent, motionless hearers.

“I call on all of you to join me in a crusade to return telepathy to its original simple form of tying together individual to individual, person to person.

“That is the direction of right and justice, and that is where we must head.”

Waves of roaring applause greeted the finish of the address by Dawt.

He was greatly gratified with the show of expanding support for ideas such as his. Confidence rose in his mind that the majority of the Velvet population would in time agree with him. The generalist concepts of the past would be seen as outmoded and be completely replaced. A newer vision, both more scientific and more inspired, was soon to become dominant.

The leader of Focusism had no doubt he would win the contest with his foes. He had succeeded in forming a stream of new thinking within the telesthetic movement. It was becoming more united with the passage of time. Nothing was going to prevent its eventual victory, he believed.

Dawt was the youngest brother in an old family of wealth that controlled Piezopower Incorporated. The Uxors were the owners of a major industrial complex that included interests in many different sectors and areas. The oldest of the three male siblings was the president of Piezopower. This was Trino, a fat figure with a bald head and lengthy handlebar moustachios. He had the same cobalt eyes as Dawt. The middle brother, between Trino and Dawt in age, was Orez. He was a short bantam with auburn hair and eyes of cobalt blue like those of his two siblings.

The trio had a private meeting the day after Dawt’s public speech. It took place at the centuries-old family mansion a little outside the city. Trino, though a bachelor like his brothers, had full possession of the traditional domicile of their ancestral line. It was a sprawling structure of deodar and elderwood, with a roof of expensive fiddlewood. All the fixtures and furnishings of the place were monumental and precious. Nothing was cheap or ordinary. Few mansions on Velvet were as impressive or imposing. This one was exceptional and meant to represent truly great wealth and power.

Orez and Dawt entered the ornate study together. Trino, seated behind a great desk of acajouwood, invited them to take chairs facing him. The oldest male began to talk first.

“How did your appearance go, Dawt?” asked the heavy, hairless brother.

The public activist grinned. “Quite successfully, I have to admit. It was surprising how enthusiastic the crowd was. Who could have expected such a big, excited audience?”

Orez turned his head toward Dawt. “You must have been the one who caused the big reaction with your dramatic oratorical gifts. Who else could have accomplished so much that quickly?”

“Yes,” agreed Trino. “We owe that progress mainly to your efforts.” He paused briefly. “But where do we go from here? What comes next, Dawt? Tell me that.”

The latter thought a moment, then replied. “I could continue making speeches as I have, but there is also another activity that is possible for me. A more direct and combative form of battle. It might bring me into collision with the top generalists and their beloved Deliverer, though.”

“What is it then that you are considering?” asked Trino with rising interest. “Do you have some new idea on how to go forward? What should we be doing next?”

Dawt looked first at Trino, then at Orez as he explained what he was thinking of.

“I believe that person-to-person telepathy has to be scientifically channeled and directed. In fact, it will all be carried along a network that resembles the existing routes of echophone vocal communications. A systematic structure with definite form will be the central core of all psychic activity on Velvet.

“Think of it: what if the present-day web of echo-tubing were to be used for a focalized type of telepathic messaging? Instead of speaking to someone over a phonic device, one would merely think into the magnetized piping and the receiving person would be taking the communication off of an echowave carrier. There would be no reason to transmit at large. Telepsychic messages would travel within the magnetic piping network of our echophone system that we already have and use for audio. Nothing could be simpler or more efficient than that. We already have the physical layout. All we have to do is put it to use telepathically.

“That is what I am working on at present at the Piezopower laboratories. My crew of researchers is busy perfecting an advanced system of focal telesthenia. Once I am certain of its effectiveness, I shall reveal the invention to the public. They will surely be eager to join the psychic revolution I am starting. The psychics of Velvet will voluntarily follow us. I am certain of that.”

Trino smiled with satisfaction on hearing this. “A system like that will be a fitting crown to all your mighty research efforts, Dawt. Your brothers want to support this project with all the resources that we can muster. A channeled and focused type of transmission will be our goal. No question about that. Our ideas will be the ones that win out.”

“I promise to keep both of you fully informed on the developments as they happen,” said Dawt. “We have the advantage of being in step with evolving magnetics and its connections with telepathy. The first pioneers were not aware of the magnetic base of psychic waves and signals. Our science has taken giant steps forward in our own time. We are going to take a long leap into the future.”


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