Chapter VII.

6 Feb

When he went back to the Carq flat to collect his belongings, Endo found that only Erda was there. “Bran has gone out to see some of his old colleagues,” she explained. “He will not be home till very late.”

Endo stood thinking, only speaking after he became confident enough to do so without stirring up emotions in the two Carqs.

“Has his anger subsided to any degree? Has he accepted the necessity for me to leave and make my own way? That is my fondest hope, believe me. Success can only come to me if I enjoy total independence. That is the case with everyone.”

Her brow wrinkled as she formulated an answer to him.

“He is slow to anger, but his temper will stay high for a long time. No, it is hard to foresee its immediate subsiding. What you said and what you are planning has given him an injury of sorts, a slap in the face. He will not find it easy to deal with these feelings. You have brought him deep pain, and he will not recover from it for a considerable time. He sees you as the son we never had on our own.”

“What should I do, then?” he inquired of her.

“Wait for a spell, then approach him. Let forgetfulness come to yourself as well as to him. That is best.”

Seeing the wisdom of this advice, Endo returned to his task of taking his possessions to the flat of Tado Foleg.

The editor began his instruction of his assistant with a brief theoretical explanation of psychography.

“The physicists tell us that their science is based on a picture of the universe as existing in three physical dimension plus time. But telepathists go beyond that to ask themselves whether a single dimension is capable of connecting all the separate entities that exist. For instance, can length be considered as a factor holding all the components of the universe together?

“Can a single dimension be a medium between different minds, for example?

“And what would be the situation if time itself were seen as the one and only dimension that there was?

“If that were true, then minds at different time points become simultaneous and synchronous. They are not permanently or eternally divided and separated.  Therefore, my thoughts are knowable not only to my contemporaries, but to minds anywhere along the infinite stream of time.

“What a perspective! What a vision! A single dimension, that of time, ties together all thought that shall ever exist in any mind. What a wonderful reality that offers us!”

As he gazed at Endo, the Chief Editor remembered something important. “Don’t forget that we are going to keep the Sucres informed on our fundamental strategy and tactics,” he reminded the other. “They must be at the center of all we aim to say and do.”


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