Chapter IV.

10 Feb

Endo completed the typing of the transmitted fourth novella. Then, thoroughly exhausted, he took to his cot and fell into a deep slumber.

He did not hear the arrival of Tado in the early evening, continuing to sleep. The editor lit the gas lanterns, then took the new manuscript off the dactylograph and read it.

It was nearly midnight when Endo awoke and raised himself to his feet. He had dozed off in shirt and pants because of his total depletion of energy a few hours before.

“I have perused what you typed,” grumbled Tado. “Something has gone wrong. This manuscript is very troubling to me. I believe that you did not receive a correct transmission, because there are impossible sections of this novella. They make no sense, because they distort the picture of the space outside of Velvet. What you have given is not acceptable and not publishable as it stands. I am worried what this book in its present form might do to the movement we have organized. I am disappointed in the results of your first transcription by telepathy. Your mind is not operating correctly and needs to be reformed somehow.”

Tado paused to catch his breath, then continued his criticism. “The Deliverer, Raxis Absum, is not even present in the work. The surroundings are not the ones that readers are familiar with from reading the previous three books. There is a lack of logic and even common sense. Everything seems strange and unfamiliar. The plot goes too far and loses credibility. This novella is a total contradiction to what we have learned about Velvet from the prior volumes. I do not see how it is going to be published and distributed to the fans out there.

“There is too much telling by an all-knowing narrator, and not enough of the smooth showing that makes a story enticing and interesting to the many readers out in society.

“The public will see these defects the same as I do. Therefore, I must conclude that the work is not that of the original author of the series. It is only a poor imitation, composed by some literary hack who tried to make a name for himself by stealing from the original creator of Velvet.”

Endo decided to ask a question that concerned his future. “What are you going to do with my manuscript, then?”

Tado grimaced. “First, we have to reject your whole product. I intend to start over again on my own. You will have to study and do psychic exercises for a time. Until you are on the right beam and can do the job correctly, you must be dormant in the role of receptor.”

The young psychic merely nodded yes, then turned around and returned to his cot.

His mood was one of desperation. How could he continue under the supervision of someone for whom he had lost respect? The urgent need was for a path of escape in order to rescue the fourth volume of the series. Continuation under the present system promised only more obstacles and conflict, he was convinced.

There was no chance of genuine achievement under Tado. Drastic steps had become necessary. Endo was now determined to get away as quickly as possible.

Taking the new manuscript without disturbing the sleeping Tado, he managed to make a stealthy escape from the apartment carrying a satchel that contained the new novella he had recorded. He hurried into the silent, empty street feeling like a liberated fugitive.

That evening, Endo rented a cheap room in the crowded Zigan district. Here he took the opportunity of rereading the manuscript he had obtained by telepathy with the future.


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