Chapter 13.

13 Feb

The judge turned his eyes to the left and spoke to the expectant proctor of the court in a surprisingly powerful voice.

“If I were still a prosecutor on the side of the state, I would never have brought before any court such an absurd accusation. The first rule of all psychic law is to do no harm to anyone. As far as I can see, no loss or injury falls upon anyone from what these two scientific researchers were engaged in. No, there has been no damage to any living person, none whatsoever. Nothing negative resulted.

“We must always use caution in taking past precedents and applying them to specific cases in the present. The harm done by fraudulent counterfeiting through telepathic means has been punished by courts in past times. But that is not the type of case before us. There was no attempt to damage the interests of anyone. No property was taken away unlawfully. Nothing underhanded happened here. No one lied or libelled anyone. So, I must dismiss this case and express my sincere regrets that it was ever initiated. That is my final decision. Court is adjourned.”

He turned to Quio and Sagaza. “My apologies for this malicious indignity.”

By the time that the liberated pair reached Oba and Shan, Damo and his associates had already raced out of the court room where they had suffered disastrous defeat.

The space void program speedily advanced now that the barriers were removed. No more misuse of the legal system of Velvet was possible or stood any chance. The court had spoken with clear, crisp finality.

Nothing now remained but to complete work on the engine and vehicle. Test after test followed. With each success, confidence in the endeavor rose higher.

Increasing support came into existence. Public opinion grew increasingly positive toward interplanetary voyaging. Each component part was perfected and fitted into the plan for the space ship. Excitement soared as the public learned of its purpose and destination.

“We are going to enter the void,” people said with awe and wonder. “No longer shall our species be limited to the sphere we inhabit today. Our lives will now take a new, unfamiliar aspect.

“The unimaginable now becomes practical and real.”

A frenzy of enthusiasm seized hold of the inhabitants as they looked forward to new worlds and planets to be explored.


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