Chapter XIV.

17 Feb

Paena dropped in to see Endo in the attic flat he shared with Poin Melies. The latter was at work in the Phrenic House, therefore absent from the garret apartment at that particular moment. The visitor at once caught sight of the new, lighter typing machine resting on a writing desk.

“I see that you succeeded in getting it up here,” she smiled at him. “It must have been a difficult task, because the device is so bulky.”

“There was no problem with it,” he grinned back. “A group of our neighbors helped carry it up the stairs. They were quite happy to assist me and Poin.”

“And have you begun the new novella that you plan to write?” She sat down in a plain xyloid chair without arms.

“Not yet, Paena, because the point of reception is still not defined for me.”

She experienced a jolt of surprise. “Point of reception? What are you talking about, Endo? I don’t understand the meaning of that phrase of yours.”

He realized that this was the moment for a full confession and explanation.

“I am a psychographer, not an original creative writer. Let me explain what I mean.

“A psychic generates and transmits thoughts in all directions. It is like a light that projects rays into space. Only mentally attuned minds that can share the same vibrations and frequencies are receivers of these waves. They are like two tuning forks, vibrating sympathetically to the identical note of music. A person vibrating out of fear at a low, destructive frequency catches similar thought vibrations of others who share such a mood. A person vibrating in a condition of joy catches a high level of vibrations. There are many different planes and currents of thought waves, from the highest to the lowest. A psychic becomes immersed in them and can receive and record them.”

He paused for breath a moment, then went on.

“The clarity of reception depends on the strength and intensity of the projection by the sender and also the quietude of the receiver. They are like two pianos or two harps that vibrate in unison. The pair are connected by the undulations in the universal ether.

“The earliest hypnotists exercised psychic powers without being aware of it. These adepts were mesmerizing themselves along with their target subjects. They concentrated all their willpower and attention to such a degree that they unknowingly activated their own unconscious minds as well. Out of their extreme absorption came self-hypnosis and the accompanying and resulting telepathic communication. Without saying a single word, they were sending forth their thoughts.

“Today’s hypnotists use simple methods of suggestion that disguise and hide their tendency to self-entrancement. As a result, they fail to exercise very much psychic potential within themselves and usually deny that they possess it.

“But I have discovered and confirmed the connection of my own psychic receptivity to my ability to hypnotize myself.

“So, the reason I am able to operate as a psychographer is my self-mesmerization. It is as simple as that.”

Paena seemed to be frozen in place. When he was done with his explanation, the two stared searchingly at each other. But at last, the young woman posed a question to him.

“Where are these novellae of yours coming from?”

“I know that they originate in the future somewhere. Tado Foleg does not accept that concept at all.”

“Where does he believe that Velvet books come from?” she persisted to ask.

“I am uncertain about that. Perhaps he is too, but he says it is probably from the past, prior to our own time.”

“That may be an important factor in the trouble you had with him. Tado is an opportunist. He has no time for theoretical generalities. All that matters for him are the practical pay-offs. Profit and advantage is everything for him.

“I can see why the two of you could not cooperate. Your goals in life are not his.”

Endo thought a moment. “I would feel guilty should Tado succeed in using the Velvet books and the new movement as his stepping stone to political power. You and your father do not deserve to be used in such a cynical manner. He is a manipulator, a maneuverer, who must be stopped. We have to prevent him from going further in his selfish schemes.”

“I agree,” nodded Paena, her face reddening with anger.

All at once, he bent forward and kissed her on the brow.

She did not appear shocked or disturbed. Instead, she asked him a practical question.

“Can a new novella have an impact? I am sure that I can convince my father to publish it on his own. But there will be difficulties, I fear.”

“Yes, Tado would oppose anything coming from me,” said Endo with a moan.

“I believe that I can convince father to do what is right.”

Endo took a step away. “It is time for me to get to work,” he told her.

After she left, he sat down at his dactylograph and waited several minutes till he sensed the arrival of something new, never experienced by him before.

This was not a later sequence, but an earlier story, an introduction to the known series. Prior in time, it covered the early years of Raxis Absum, before he became the Deliverer. It could be called a prequel, if one wished. This new novella might be a factor in deciding the destiny of the Velvet movement.


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