Chapter 4.

18 Feb

It was a surprise to all three involved how fast the novice became a psychic transmitter and receptor. His progress was phenomenal.

First, he experimented with Matis from various locations in the farm house. It proved quite easy to pick up the strong emissions from the sick bed. Step by step, Raxis learned how to send words, then whole sentences, to his instructor. His skill developed with speed.

In several weeks, he was holding fewer sessions with Dr. Arbre.

Raxis learned to make excuses. Farm work was a convenient alibi for his absences.

“I think that I have progressed enough for my age,” said the youth to his first teacher, the physician. Meetings with the latter grew infrequent, with long gaps of time between them.

Meanwhile, increasing time at the Tunc farm was spent with Clata, the daughter. She taught him techniques she had learned for concentration and focusing of brain energy, donating large amounts of time so that he could perfect what he was attempting to do.

The spinster was generous with advice and pointers for increasing his capacity to transmit and receive. He was encouraged to present to her any question that arose in his mind while practicing telepathy.

With each successive session together, the teenager revealed more of his natural talent in the field of the psychic.

Both father and daughter were delighted with the swift perfection of his gift.

On the road between the Tunc and the Absum farms there was a small crossroads village with a public house where locals gathered to drink porter, stout, and barley beer. The atmosphere in the front parlor was one of conviviality and frivolity. But there was also a rear chamber where private parties were held. It was here that seven residents of the district received a certain person who had come from the capital city of Tinok with an unusual mission that concerned them all.

Bleme Onso was a tall figure with a thick torso and large-sized limbs and arms. His bushy platinum blond hair fell in overgrown locks, contrasting with his black cimmerian eyes. After the seven locals began sipping their beer, the traveler new to their area addressed the small meeting in a low, hollow voice.

“I am happy to discover that an organized remnant of our once-great network remains in existence here. The Central Section in the capital has assigned me to your geographic division for the purpose of rebuilding and reviving what once obtained hereabouts. Your cooperation, of course, will be the most important ingredient in anything that I try to do. My aim is to make your unit what it was in past eras, one of the prime portions of our planet-wide association.

“You may wonder how I plan to begin. Let me explain my strategy in several other districts. First of all, I have had to find the inactive members who have fallen dormant. My purpose is to show them what they can contribute to a new campaign, a crusade against secret telepaths. My task is to mobilize and energize them into action to stamp out the psychics. They are asked to uncover persons who pose danger to their district. A survey is then carried out by me, in which I identify all the potential miscreants with transmental propensities. Then, we arm ourselves in order to make examples of such persons.”

A respectful silence fell over the room as Bleme Onso paused and took a swig of ale from a large lay mug. When he once again spoke, it was in a quiet, conspiratorial tone.

“What I aim to do is to locate and destroy an entire covey of telepaths. We shall make a direct physical attack to flail them with painful punishment. I foresee banding them with permanent signs of what they are. No mercy can be given these enemies of our ancient movement.

“I believe that strenuous action on our part can win new supporters for us. The rural population will once again trust and look up to the Alcyones, as of old. They shall know that our goal is normal mental life, without the evil of powerful minds that communicate with each other through the ethereal void. We will fight to free our dear Velvet planet from these demonic influences. The total removal of these harmful persons from among us is our honorable goal.”

Bleme, sitting down, allowed the seven to whisper among themselves and complete more drinking. He was sure that he had inspired these men with renewed fervor and spirit. Now would come the actual work of surveillance and investigation that would result in the naming of suspected psychics.

A premonition of major success occurred to the Alcyone officer.

This district was going to be a great stepping stone in his rapid rise within the secret organization.


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