Chapter VIII.

22 Feb

The two new arrivals were informed at the executive office of the Primary Minister that he had gone home for lunch at the Travertine House. They at once took a hansom and hurried to the yellowstone residence. Here they learned that the head of the government was in his private eating room enjoying his meal alone. Psychic Minister Trenx convinced the personal waiter that he had most urgent business of enormous importance to the state to discuss with Luyse and that any delay would be costly and harmful.

The waiter entered the room to inform his employer who was there. “Bring him in at once,” commanded the Primary Minister, loud enough to be heard by both of the visitors.

Luyse invited the pair to sit down at his long table, casting a look of curiosity at Bran.

“This is an important psychic freelancer who has worked for many years as an official receptor,” began Trenx. “He has very close relationships with the author of the Velvet series of futurals and has uncovered an insidious conspiracy to grab political power through physical confrontations.” He proceeded to explain as best he could the plans of Tado Foleg to outwit both parties contending for election victory. The mouth of the Primary Minister gaped open as he struggled to restore his breath.

Luyse put down his fork, forgetting that he was eating lunch.

Only after Trenx had described the conspiracy and Bran had confirmed all the points he had presented, did the chief executive say anything.

“Intriguing, most intriguing,” muttered Luyse. “Can you provide me a written synopsis of all I have heard from you? Something that vividly summarizes what you know about the dimensions and the goals of this complot? That would surely be the most useful weapon and instrument you could furnish me at the present time.”

Bran, though perplexed by the request, decided to speak up. “I can contribute my knowledge to that effort, sir,” he boldly declared to the head of government.

“Good,” said Luyse, then turning to his Psychic Minister. “Trenx, I want you to arrange for all the Preserver journals, gazettes, and ephemeris to print a summary of this report on the conspiracy by tomorrow morning. This has to be out on the streets before our big election parade begins. Our supporters, in fact the entire public, must have all the information that is available. It will have a colossal effect on everyone, whether a Preserver, Improver, or one of the new Velveteers. I want this task completed as fast as possible. Otherwise, there is the threat of a political disaster beyond anything ever experienced before.”

For several seconds, a deadly silence filled the eating room. But then Trenx excused himself and left for his own office along with Bran Carq.

The two of them were busy with stenographers, composing the document that exposed the public threat and danger.

Bran was only free to leave when the job assigned to Trenx and himself was fully finished and the announcement ready to be published.

He left at once in a hansom cab for the garret apartment where Endo Valino was staying and carrying out his psychographic work.

He had information but little hope of victory to convey to the young man who had started as his protegé.


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