Chapter X.

22 Feb

Already the newsboys were peddling early editions of the morning ephemeris.

Paena hurried to purchase a copy of the “Gath Times” to check for any special news about the impending day and its parade. It was the large print headline that startled her. She rushed back to show it to her trio of companions. They showed as much surprise as she had to the unforeseeable news splashed across the front page.

“Election Compact Reached.  Primary Minister Luyse and Improvement Party leader Hullux have together announced the formation of an election alliance aimed at constructing a coalition government. A all-night conference at Travertine House has resulted in a historical agreement that creates a political compromise to avoid the possibility of serious social conflict between the two rival parties. A bargain was made for the immediate installation of a joint cabinet that includes leaders from both camps. Both groups agree to withdraw their candidates from districts where the competing group has had a historical majority and now holds the seat in the Camera. The major disagreements over issues have been settled by negotiation.

“The parties have agreed that continued conflict would have enormous negative consequences for them and the planet. Further battling would encourage self-centered forces to exploit these divisions. Concession and compromise between the parties is generally seen as an instrument that will put a limit on the political influence of the Velvet movement and its leadership.”

The group of four passed the news sheets among themselves as if in a trance shared by each of them.

Paena looked into the stunned emerald eyes of Endo and gave a mad grin.

“This will make it impossible for Tado to wreck the parade today or to pose as some kind of deliverer. He is finished for good in politics because of this surprise party alliance. What a surprise for all of us!”

The four went back to the garret apartment and the Preserver parade went on as planned. Potential interference dissolved into nothing as knowledge of the news became general. A new festive atmosphere took charge in the streets of Gath, with Velvet members as participants in the public rejoicing. A calm and orderly acceptance of the grand alliance prevailed, even among fans of the Velvet dream.

Psychography had proven itself the prime factor in the history of Horae.

A potentially bloody crisis had been narrowly avoided.

That cardinal day saw another memorable event, one reshaping the Velvet movement. It occurred when Endo Valino decided to carry forth additional psychic exploration for a new Velvet novella late that evening. He concentrated upon a single focal point and succeeded in making a new, unprecedented personal linkage with the creator of everything that had to do with the psychic planet named Velvet.

All the nerves in Endo tensed with ultimate force and energy. His mind labored mightily at finding the unknown author of the novellae. It took him several hours before he was able to locate what he wanted. Success came when an ethereal voice rang in his self-mesmerized mind.

The psychographer recorded a stunning revelation on his dactylograph machine.

“I am the creator of all the Velvet stories. They are my handiwork, and only mine. What is it that you want to find out about me? What questions do you have?”

Endo succeeded in sending back a transmission of his own.

“Who are you? What is your name? Why are you transmitting these tales?”

Answers to these questions arrived immediately and Endo recorded them with his fingers, taking down every word that was sent.

“My name is Raxis Absum and I am a professional writer.

“Let me explain what I am doing with my transmissions of my science fiction stories. Please do not believe that anything I describe actually exists or occurred. My fiction, like all imaginative literature, is a combination of reality and dreams. The material may contain an atom of truth, but my plots and characters are products of a free imagination.

“My own individual thoughts and emotions are my starting point. Why do I transmit these works back into the past, to other places and worlds? I have to confess that no one in my own age or society will agree to accept them for publication. My hope is that those who are psychics in the past will accept and widely spread my visions of a telepathic planet called Velvet, a name that I invented on my own, for the ideal I hold in both my mind and my heart.

“As is plainly evident, I gave the hero of my tales my own personal name. All that has been received out there and back then by anyone emerged out of the contours of my individual fancy.

“I send my best wishes to anyone who reads my work and the psychographer who receives and records the Velvet stories. My hope is that they contribute at least a little pleasure and enlightenment to your distant minds.”

As this transmission came to an end, Endo decided he did not have the right to keep it secret. The Velvet readers and followers would for a time have difficulties and problems with it. But their final judgment had to be a wise acknowledgement that their own hopes and dreams originated in futural fiction.

My generation and my planet need such creations of the imagination, the psychographer told himself.


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