Sahara Greeks Part I. Chapter XVI.

6 Mar

Ganymede, Niobe,and Echo left the taverna hall to rest up for Apollo Day. Hermes went with Cadmus to the latter’s module to spend the night as he had the first time. The two men sat a while on the panoramic porch, looking out at the distant desert with its photosynthetic enhancing radiated light, a dim blue. The host was unusually talkative, excited over the morrow.

“I have to admit that my motives for supporting the revival are somewhat selfish. You know, Hermes, that my ambition is to construct housing around the periphery of Gamara, where the small truck farms are now located. At every step, I have been frustrated by both the small farmers and the big plantations. None of them, not one, will sell land to me. The smallholders are stubborn people and there has been no way of changing their ignorantly rigid minds. They are living in the past centuries of their ancestors.

“But a new prospect is now opening. What if there is ferment and conflict from the ergati day-laborers? You can see how Ianon and his dream of a union falls in with my business aims. I can see how to influence the ergati. What Ianon could not accomplish by himself, will be possible in the context of this Apollo renascence. A new fervor will set fire to the workers on the lower levels. They shall become an active actor in our affairs. Major changes will then result.

“What Ianon hopes to set off is a general strike of ergati against both small farms and plantations. Both of the latter will suffer. Many small farmers will have to sell off their tiny landholdings.”

Cadmus fell silent and Hermes made no response to him. The developer meant to exploit both Niobe and Ianon, along with his brother Ganymede, for his own personal interests. And he was quite open about his plan.

Hermes suddenly recalled what Echo had proposed that he do with his new chatoyant colors of light. As an inventor and discoverer, he could use the cult of Apollo for his own purposes. What was blocked and stifled at the Light Institute in the desert had a future in Gamara, among the new Apollonians. He saw the hope for his newly discovered Echolight in the new movement that was being born. That could be the solution he was after.

“I want to tell you about a startling discovery I made,” began the physicist. It took only a short time for him to give a general description of the new color spectrum. He presented a short, simplified explanation of the science involved in creating it.

Cadmus listened with rapt attention. He said nothing when Hermes was finished. His mind seemed to be wandering off somewhere, his eyes fixed on the desert night outside, pervaded with a solid darkness.

“That is something to think about,” he finally said. “Your light could add a magnetism to what Niobe will be doing at Niko’s. A public spectacle is sure to draw enormous crowds. Let’s see how the assembly goes tomorrow. Then, we can decide what to do with your discovery. But the idea of this new light has great potential for our movement, I have no doubt of that. You may have found exactly the right means of accomplishing astounding things.”

“Echo is the one who came up with the idea of combining my light spectrum with the Apollo revival,” confessed Hermes. “She has a very agile, inventive mind. We may soon find ourselves applying her proposed plan in what will be happening in Gamara and out on the Sahara.

“We shall find out how far we can go with the new Echolight.”


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