Chapter VIII.

7 Aug

The quick, efficient trial of Nomb Aacn was over within a single day.

Testimony against the accused came from both Hie and his daughter Joa. Evidence of his criminal use of power in Rocumbol was abundant, as well as his assaults on the belowers of Caldaria.

His judges decided on life imprisonment as fitting punishment for the harm he had caused to others, including his only child, Joa.

Hegumen Tiso agreed to keep him confined in an escape-proof oubliette with only a small door on its roof. Escape from the claustrum nearest to Digit Lake was considered all but impossible. No one could break in or out of the high mountain fortress. The father of Joa became a forgotten personality, buried in faint memories of the harm and pain he had caused for so many.

A new Hegumen was selected to rule and reform the Zeviv claustrum. Major reorganization and devolution of power and authority occurred at once. The institution was totally restructured. In future days, no single individual would amass the power and authority that Nomb Aacn had abused for personal purposes.

Yie and Joa decided that they would make a permanent residence for themselves at Lake Digit, near the hotel of their friend Gui and facing the heliac-illuminated waters. It was the location both of them preferred to live at. It reminded both of them of the great plasmoid invention and the profound social and economic changes that would result from this revolutionary new technology once it was tested, proven, and placed into practical application over the entire planet.

“I have to be available for work on our experimental screens of prismoids. That is going to become the central activity of my life,” Yie told Joa and the recovering Cacique once their lives had fallen into an ordered daily routine.

The three sat on the veranda of the Digit Lake Hotel, gazing at the setting of the heliac into the mountains soaring up to the west.

“How many years will it take to reach tangible results?” asked Joa. “When shall the belowers of our valleys see changes in their everyday lives as the silver platinum plates now in production are distributed over Tegumen so that the heliac light caught by the prismoids becomes available to all of our valleys?”

The surface of the lake glistened with brilliant blood red light as Cacique replied.

“No one can calculate how many years or generations it will take. Perhaps an entire epoch of time is needed. But now that we have the Enfin claustrum on our side, the road ahead will be clear and open for us. One by one, all the other highland communities are giving in to the inevitable. There is a new, unprecedented recognition and respect for the belowers who have created an entirely new form of iotic energy from the rays of our heliac. There will no longer exist the age-old system of technical monopoly exercised by the Red Hats in their mountain-top claustra. That is over for good.”

Joa smiled. “In time, our whole planet will enjoy the light that only the mountain peaks and a few northern lakes enjoyed until our generation.”

“That is our covenant with the future,” smiled Yie. “One day, all the valleys will be lighted up.

“I thought that I had found the genuine solution to the needs of the valleys in the old manuscript that described the use of silver platinum plates in the old planetary home. That did not prove to be the simple answer for Tegumen, but at least it put me on the road to the goal. The old system that had been in use on the home planet could not be created anew here on our world. So, it was the concept proposed by Cacique, the prismoidals, that gave us the method that led to this technical victory. We owe the success to you, Cacique. You are the one who brought the crucial addition to what were the silver platinum plates that worked once back on another planet that our ancestors had to leave.”

The lighting technician smiled with joy. “It all happened by lucky chance, I believe. The origin of the prismoids occurred in stagecraft, but then they moved into the area of light-based energy. It was a very fortunate coincidence for all of us on our planet that it occurred.”

Each of them concentrated on the dream of the shining future that they shared. In time to come, light and its energy would be a resource shared in common all over the mountains and valleys of Tegumen. The valleys would escape their long, painful darkness.

The End


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