Archeon: Ancient Speculative Fiction Stories

12 Aug

Why is it that this blog contains so much fiction placed in the ancient world? One must conclude that the civilizations of the archaic ages are especially fitting sites and backgrounds for science fiction and science fantasy. The is ground and opportunity for bold speculation where real knowledge is so scarce and limited. Here are internal statistics to affirm these claims.

NINETEEN stories are located in Ancient Egypt.

TEN stories are in the world of Rome.

FOUR stories each are tied to Sumeria, Phoenicia, and Greece.

A total of 42, as of this guide, are in the ancient world as Western scholars define it. The stories vary from hard technology, to the psychological and the spiritual. It is a surprise to the author how much of modern speculative fiction will fit into the paleo-framework as we know it.

Should a curious reader wish to know which of the blog’s stories fall within which land or civilization, here is a catalog of story titles grouped by geographic and cultural location.

The Eye of Horus
The Hermit
The Kneph
The Eye-Goughers
Serpent Dreams
The Memphian Construct
Sons of the Moon
The Hyaenix
The Pithex
The Rekne
The Devourer
The Sky Barge
The Ta-orts
The Cerastes
The Daughter of Sekhet
The Cat-Killers
The Hekamut

Vivax of Vesuvius
The Amandogna
The Dacian Iron Man
The Homulus
The Empsychons
Tiron’s Press
The Hippomanes
The Dimidia

The Empusae
The Athanat
Maenid Dreams
The Igniter

The Phoenician Ratman
The Dogonoids
The Dream-Breaker
The Dolphin Dream

The A-zu
The Sagursags
The Bronze Sumerian
The New Enkidu

In ancient Palestine and Judea: Ephraim Gas.


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