The Dyadist

17 Sep

From a point in early childhood, Brene suffered terrible spiritual and therefore psychological conflict. His internal pain drove him to become a student later on at a contemplative temple dedicated to the enlightenment of the soul, though he was still only a teenager. The parents of the youth already saw a future as a mystic adept for their one, precious son. But he continued to be a person in continual mental turmoil over the uncertain condition of his soul.

Brene’s advisor and supervisor at the temple was a spiritual master named Pleko.

The young aspirant of eighteen would pour out his personal anxiety in private sessions with this experienced elder.

“I cannot take hold of myself, because my thoughts and feelings whirl around and around as if in the midst of a storm. There is no peace or rest for my mind, but rather endless tension and painful doubt about lies ahead for me.”

“Doubt?” reacted Pleko. “What sort of doubt are you referring to?”

“I fear that I shall never be able to locate and touch my true soul,” confessed the novice. “With all my effort in seeking it, I fear that the spirit part of me withdraws further and further away. It is as if my soul flees and recedes, not wishing to be known or in touch with me. How can that be? There is nothing as important or as central as our inner spirit. I puzzle over this riddle many times each day and frequently at night.”

The older man gave Brene a steady, reassuring look of understanding and sympathy.

“What you describe can happen to those who overflow with spiritual zeal and fervor. Patience is always a necessity in what we are engaged in here at our temple. We must always choose the correct speed and the proper direction for our contemplative labors. We can never afford to stray from the path of rationality. It is possible for an individual to be reaching too far and trying too hard. One must keep one’s goals reasonable.”

“Do you suppose that I have been too ambitious, sir?” asked the troubled Brene.

Pleko, not replying at once, gazed around the small room before speaking.

“I think it would be of great spiritual benefit for you to undertake a pilgrimage, my son,” he softly proposed.

Brene perked up. “To what place, then?” he inquired.

“I would recommend the Silent Mountains. They had a profound effect on me when I spent time there many years ago, when I was about your age. Yes, I know no other region as beneficial for meditation and deep thought.”

“Yes,” agreed the young man. “That could help clear the road ahead for me,” he nodded with approval.

Sharp white peaks jutted up into the shining cerulean sky.

Brene knew at once, as if by intuition, that the upland environment held promise of what he sought after. His hunt for self-enlightenment was going to attain success here, he told himself.

It was easy to find inns in the highland hamlets above the fertile valleys. Brene stayed in three such locations, asking questions of people in each. Where is the quietist, most isolated mountain community? Where can one find a lookout with a perspective that is able to inspire the soul’s inner searching?

An old shepherd whom Brene met in an inn recommended an abandoned village named Prespen. The young traveler obtained directions on how he could reach that point. He arrived there after a long, arduous trek on foot.

I shall be all by myself here, Brene hoped and prayed.

All the houses of the deserted mountain village were empty and windowless. Snow had blown into every one of them. They were rotting relics of a now dead community. There had one been human life in this place.

He walked past the derelict houses, to the far end of the village. Here, on the top of a high cliff, he looked out over a panorama of mountain beauty.

This location is perfect for meditation! Brene said to himself. His enthusiasm for his trip burgeoned and overwhelmed him.

He entered the last house, the one that provided a wide perspective of snowy peaks.

He put down his pack of food and supplies on the living room floor and gazed out a large glassless window. Hours passed before he decided to eat, then go the sleep. As night fell, Brene rolled out his resting pad and lay down on it.

Morning light awakened him after a long sleep that rid him of his fatigue.

After a quick breakfast, he returned to his distant observations of the mountains and his deep contemplations.

Where and what is my soul, and what specifically does it contain and consist of?

Time flowed by without his awareness of it. The day drifted away.

Brene had never before come so close to what he was chasing after.

In a fraction of a second, with his guard down, he received a leap of the mind into the knowledge he was pursuing.

There was his own immortal soul, but also something else beyond it.

Again and again, Brene returned with exhilaration and excitement to what he had discovered in a single second of surprise.

Yes, he had attained contact with his soul unlike anything he had ever experienced before. But there was also a second entity beside it, something unnamed and unknown.

What could this secondary force be? The thinking he now underwent could provide him no satisfactory answer.

A conscious link had definitely been established, but it was clearly dual in nature. There was another being there alongside the soul he had sought.

The young wanderer was confused and puzzled. There was something unexpected that he could never have foreseen. Why was it that his soul was not alone, by itself?

As he proceeded to contemplate the spiritual side of his existence, Brene realized that there was an amazingly binary formation where he had thought there to be a unified, simple soul. How could such an anomaly be so?

This was a riddle that human logic alone could not answer.

What was the cause of this new perception of duality? He had difficulty comprehending and dealing with such a perplexing concept.

As the day faded into mountain night, an unforeseeable idea occurred to him.

There were two spiritual factors involved in his life, not only one.

Brene left the Silent Mountains, retracing his path back to the lowland city of his birth and the temple of contemplation where he was a novice. Did he dare express the ideas that he had come to through meditation in the mountain village, looking out at the landscape? First of all, there had to be a meeting with Pleko, his supervising guide in thought. The old man welcomed him back and asked how his journey went.

“Did you experience any breakthroughs in your understanding of the nature of the human soul?” inquired the man who had sent him on that spiritual quest.

It took Brene less than a minute to describe what had happened to him in the strangely deserted mountain village.

“What I experienced there was a profoundly illuminating revelation to me. It became clear in my mind that there exists a mysterious, inexplicable duality within myself. In other words, I possess more than a single soul. There is an additional spiritual component involved within my existence.”

Brene could see that Pleko looked at him with focused, unwavering attention. The advisor gasped for breath as if in some elevated state.

“I have read of such a condition in certain obscure texts from ages ago. There was once a popular philosophy that taught that all souls, not just some, possessed a double nature. One part dealt with pain, pleasure, and desire. Its main concern was with perception and practical questions of living. I have seen it often called the animal soul within us.

“The second soul, though, was the opposite of that one. This soul held the power of reasoning and was higher than the animal one. It was the one involved in contemplation and meditation, and it’s goal was a higher mystical union. This entity tended to be the dominant spiritual force in our being.

“Please, tell me again how you felt when you uncovered this duality within you.”

Brene did so a second time, then was asked to do so again for a third time.

At the end of their meeting, Pleko gave an order to the novice.

“Tell no one else of this. For now, we must keep it secret to ourselves.”

A period of foggy uncertainty followed for the spiritual explorer until his next session with Pleko. The latter smiled at him as if had come upon a solution to Brene’s worries about a second soul along with a first one.

“What you have brought forth to me can have enormous significance for the future of our temple and its activities in the realm of the spirit. Let me explain what I am getting at. You have established concerning yourself that there can be both an outer and an inner soul, each separate from the other. There can be both a primary spirit and a secondary structure there. These are immaterial entities.

“What if a method could be developed by which other persons could be made to reach that same situation of duality? What if we were able to promise a similar attainment of duality for individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment here in our temple of contemplation?

“The success of such a program would hold the possibility of advancing and revolutionizing the field of spirituality.”

Brene stared at him with wonder and astonishment. “Would it be possible to duplicate my unusual condition, sir?” he asked.

“We shall find that out by attempting soul doubling on a large scale, beginning here at the temple. I am certain that everyone will be willing to cooperate and take part. Who would not want such a spiritual gift given to them?”

“How will we begin?” inquired Brene.

“I shall present a public lecture with you as witness and example in a few days. You and I must rehearse what the two of us are going to present to our audience of enlightenment-seekers.”

The temple had never before seen such an occasion of spellbinding lecturing. All of the listeners seemed to be mesmerized by the presentation given by Pleko, the head of the institution.

Brene confirmed all the claims made by his supervisor.

A stream of potential candidates for concentrated effort for duplication through intense meditation was born that evening.

A second lecture a week later brought a public crowd twice the size of the one the first time. Its enthusiasm was greater and deeper than before. Nothing like this had ever happened before in the history of the temple.

Soon, thousands of persons came, seeking a second soul through intense meditation and concentration.

A new movement of convinced believers arose, growing and expanding as the novel message spread widely.

Pleko decided he had to present the new philosophy of duality in other places, both the spiritual and secular sites. Throughout the city, enthusiasm and exhilaration grew around the new ideas. Doubling of the soul became nearly a mass craze.

Dyadist was the name applied to and accepted by the multitude of adherents to the philosophy formulated by Pleko. Only a small fraction of all the believers were immediately successful in their quest. The rest continued to hope and work for the final result.

The followers of the new teaching came to share a consciousness of themselves as a specially enlightened community. They possessed a knowledge unknown to the people about them in the streets and neighborhoods.

Although Brene was obviously the originator, it was Pleko whose speeches and lectures presented the new system of spiritual thought. The young novice rarely said much. It was his advisor who answered questions and taught the principles of Dyadism.

The excitement of these public appearances changed the patterns of life familiar to Brene.

He stayed up longer than ever before, go to bed late and sleeping later, into the light of daytime.

Although his life had become new and different, he continued to have constant contact with both his original and second soul. Each of them was now a pillar of his new phase of life. But the time gap between each of these spiritual encounters grew larger.

One evening during the fifth month of the new way of thought, something unexpected happened to Brene. He succeeded in contacting his first, basic soul. But where was the second one? he asked in surprise.

The following morning he woke up in a terrible panic. What had happened? Where was the twin soul that he had discovered while up in the Silent Mountains? Had it somehow vanished? Why could his rational mind make no contact with that spirit entity? Was it only hiding or had it disappeared for good?

Brene was unable to give himself any explanation for his loss. His thoughts were awhirl. How had the unforeseeable occurred? What had caused such a catastrophe for him?

I have to see and talk with Pleko at once, he decided.

Perhaps he can explain what appears to be unexplainable.

The pair sat facing each other on contemplation stools in the office cell of the supervisor.

Pleko listened in silence to what the novice described, the absence of one soul out of the set of two. Several moments passed after Brene finished before the older man spoke, almost in a whisper.

“Our ancient records hold accounts of similar happenings, I am sorry to say. You still possess the original soul that you knew from birth as your own. That is all that a typical human being needs in this life, I am sure.”

Brene frowned. “But will all the Dyadists have to experience the same loss some day, after they have formed a secondary soul? Will there be such a separation in store for all of them? That would lead to many tragedies.”

Pleko looked away a moment. “Neither I nor anyone else can know what their future will hold.”

“But the break with the second soul could destroy the ranks of the Dyadist followers. Why should anyone join us if there is this danger of loss of contact? Many would not accept a relationship that was impermanent.”

An enigmatic smile came onto the face of Pleko.

“I believe we must not reveal what has happened to you, Brene. Our followers will find out the truth on their own in good time. What do you think? Am I right on that?”

The original Dyadist made no immediate reply.

He rose and departed without a word, realizing that he had a weighty decision to make on his own. Should he do as Pleko wished and stay mum? Or did he have a higher duty?

Brene had no idea what he was going to do. But late that night he decided that he had to leave the temple, the city, and his spiritual advisor.

This solution came to him after a sleepless night of meditation with the single soul that remained to him.

I am going to the Silent Mountains, he told himself, in hopes of rediscovering the second soul that I found in the deserted village up high.


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