The Brain Wave Generator

30 Dec

Dr. Dvam Jevoe experienced what he called psychological ecstasy the day he walked into the Ezero Clinic as a full staff researcher with authority to carry out his long ago conceived plan of self-induced therapy.

A young secretary led the inventor into the spacious office of the Clinic’s president, who was not yet present there. Dvam, short and dark in eyes, hair, and complexion, took a seat on his own initiative.

The head of this gigantic institution, Dr. Yarko Mnibui, must be an extremely busy executive to be late for this meeting with me, sighed Dvam with a degree of personal ire and frustration.

At last, the president entered, greeting and shaking hands with the newcomer to the Ezero Clinic. He then moved to the air-chair behind his long manganese desk and gave Dvam a studying stare.

“You believe that this microscopic generator of yours can permit the self-regulation of brain waves by a psychiatric patient equipped with such a nano-device?” began the tall, heavy, athletic-looking Mnibui.

Dvam attempted a warm, confident smile. “I have worked a number of years on the extreme miniaturizing of a dysprosium transmitter powered by a germanium battery too tiny to be seen by any human eyes. This is small enough to fit onto a silicon fiber that can be surgically planted into the cerebral cortex with ease.”

“And your reports claim that a hand-held radio set can give an individual direct control over his or her own brain wave frequencies. How can we tell whether this will work with success if applied to neurotics or psychotics here in the mental-behavioral section of the Ezero Clinic?”

“That is what I plan to test with the experimental trials that you have authorized for me, sir,” asserted Dvam with a serious, rocklike facial expression. “I can’t wait to start and see what the results turn out to be.”

The person chosen for the initial experimental test was Huxo Lasop, a twenty-year old university student suffering from acute depression since his childhood. He had been living all alone in a single-room flat and avoided any contact with his two wealthy parents.

Huxo was eager to try anything with a chance of curing him of the shadowy cloud he lived under and had volunteered to have the tiny generator implanted in his brain. Dvam found him to be an apt and interesting subject for study when he first interviewed him in the suite assigned to the research experiment.

“There are many indications that the most potent brain waves for correction and improvement of personality are the ones defined as theta waves,” stated the psychologist. “These have a slow frequency of only four to eight Herzen to them. We have concluded that these are very often a source of individual creativity and come forth when a person applies their intuition. It can become a condition of stress and anxiety if there should occur a surplus supply of theta waves. These frequencies can be used in cases of self-hypnosis.

“So, every care must be taken to avoid such a great generation of the waves as to cause unintended depression. We shall be monitoring the volume of theta waves produced for you to avoid negative consequences of any kind.”

Huxo Lasop was then put under an anaesthetic and the brain wave generator began to build up the theta section of the Herzen spectrum.

But the final result of the brain wave production did not turn out to be what the inventor had anticipated.

Dvam went to the office of Yarko Mnibui with personal embarrassment to make an initial report on what had happened.

“It was not at all as I had foreseen,” admitted the psychologist. “Instead of alleviating and reducing the depression, the opposite occurred. The state of Huxo Lasop is now more seriously depressed than before. The outcome was a most discouraging one.

“But the situation is not all lost, not at all. There is another way of generating brain waves that may be helpful to this patient. What I am now considering is a combination of theta wave propagation with alpha waves. These range between eight and twelve Herzen in their frequency. They are very important for putting a person into a relaxed mood. Alpha waves make an individual awake and at ease. I believe they are the perfect companion to theta wave generation and will give a certain balance to what occurs in the brain of Huxo Lasop.”

Yarko stared at him with an intense, persistent focus. “You think that there is reason to believe that it can lessen his terrible depression?”

“Yes,” nodded Dvam, “I truly do.”

Huxo surprised his therapist when he was told about the augmented brain wave stimulation he was scheduled to undergo.

“I feel very uneasy about these treatments,” he said, frowning. “What good can come from adding one more type of frequency to what I have already undergone?”

Dvam tried to reassure the patient with a broad smile. “There are always a need for corrections and improvements whenever a new process or system is introduced. The calculation is that the enhanced alpha waves will help stabilize and control the effects of the theta waves, seeing to it that they do not become too overwhelming or dominant.”

Looking down at the floor, Huxo said no more. But doubt and skepticism were still evident on the expression of his face.

“Of course, since the silicon fiber that contains the generator is already installed in your brain, all that I will have to do is make some simple adjustments in the dials on your wrist band in order to make the needed alterations in the waves that are produced. You can watch me do it if you wish, Huxo.”

The latter lifted his head so that he had a clear view of what his therapist was about to do for him.

Dvam came to the Ezero Clinic especially early the following morning, eager to see for himself what changes may have occurred in the general psychological mood of the patient with the first implanted wave generator.

It was a giant shock to the inventor when he entered the bedroom where the patient should still be sleeping. He found that there was no one in the bed or in the room. Dvam could find no trace of Huxo, his clothing, or his possessions whatever. He rushed to the nearby nurses’station and made a panicky inquiry. No, no one had noticed anything unusual or against the rules of the famous, gigantic clinic. It seemed impossible to anyone that the patient could have wandered away on his own and not be at all noticed or stopped.

Dvam realized that he was facing an unsolvable riddle full of mystery.

He summoned the chief of the clinic’s security force and the latter promised to make a complete search of all the buildings involved, without alarming or informing anyone what or whom they were searching for.

Dvam went to his research office and sat at his desk, stunned and disoriented. What had the result of the changed waves been for poor Huxo? Had he himself made some terrible, horrible mistake out of ignorance?

After an hour or so of useless meditation on this unforeseen problem, he decided that he had to confer on this unexplained disappearance with the head of the Ezero Clinic, Dr. Yarko Mnibui.

“You certainly must have some idea what caused the patient to flee and vanish in this strange way,” said the top executive of the great medical facility. “Can you come up with any suggestion that can point the police in the right direction to find him? We don’t know for certain, but the man may be in danger of harming himself. What if his state of depression has been magnified and deepened by this last change that you made in his wave generation?”

Dvam, unable to find an answer immediately, hesitated before he spoke.

“If you are thoroughly mystified, sir, I am in the same sorry condition. I wish that I knew why this happened, but I haven’t even a clue. At the moment, all that I can do is to guess.

“It appears to me that something has gone terribly wrong with the program that we begun in the area of brain wave generation. But where the problem lies, I am unable to say.”

Yarko furrowed his brow into a serious frown. “For the time being, I am going to put a halt to any further work in this particular field. Until the patient is located and we know for sure what lies behind his flight and disappearance, there shall be a total suspension of further work with brain wave generators.”

Yarko looked away, signaling to Dvam that he should leave the office at once.

One way to trace and locate persons is through their main interest or hobby. Having nothing else to go by, Dvam decided to use what knowledge he had of the personal life and activities of Huxo.

His patient had mentioned to him that he often took part in amateur dramatic performances. Perhaps that could be a helpful lead.

Each evening for a week, the inventor visited various scattered theaters in the metropolis where non-professional actors put on classical plays for the benefit of the general public.

This means of searching became onerous and frustrating, with hours of exposure to dull plays and boring actors, until there finally came the sought for moment of discovery.

There was Huxo Lasop up on the stage, playing the part of a beloved family doctor with a large wig of white hair on top of his head.

Dvam could barely wait for the drama to conclude.

A minute before the final curtain fell, he made his way slowly, noiselessly down a side corridor to the series of dressing rooms being used by that night’s cast.

Dvam stood at the end of the hallway, waiting for the fugitive patient of his to appear.

As soon as Huxo saw him, he stopped and stared, his face blanching white.

“How did you find me?” asked the man with the brain wave generator.

“I remembered your interest in the stage and amateur productions. Can we talk together somewhere, Huxo?”

The latter pointed to his own dressing room and led the other into it.

The actor sat down at a table with a giant mirror and pointed to an ice cream chair for his visitor to take.

“Why did you run off that way?” began Dvam. “What resulted for you from the alpha wave modification that I made?”

Huxo turned his rich coffee eyes on him.

“I felt immediately that your modification was failing and making my depression all the worse. What was I to do? I couldn’t wait for the following morning and your arrival. So, remembering all that I had seen and heard, specifically from you, I opened up the cap on the generator’s monitor and tried my own adjustment.

“I tried this, then that. My decision was to get away from the Ezero Clinic and all that it stands for. It was easy to find myself a cheap flat where I was free to try out various combinations of brain wave frequencies on myself. I experimented for several days, until I came upon a solution to my depression problem.

“It was a simple answer. I added gamma waves, ranging from forty up to a hundred Herzen, to the mix that I already had of the theta and alpha waves. That did it!

“My old symptoms are completely gone. I have a higher self-image of myself. No longer do the blue devils haunt me as in the past. I am like a totally new person, and I did it to and for myself.

“I have been reluctant to tell you about this, but since you have succeeded in locating me here, I need no longer keep any secret from you.

“Your brain wave generator indeed works, and most importantly, it can permit someone like myself to find the specific combination capable of curing them.

“I thank you, and will forever be in your debt for implanting the generator into my brain.”

Dvam, overcome with emotion, rose and approached Huxo. He took the latter’s hand and shook it with vigor. Then he turned and left the dressing room of the man who had proven that his own invention had use and merit to it.


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