Gems of Clairvoyance

31 Mar

Peter Rine had acquired an overpowering drive to acquire the ability to foresee the future course of his own life.

He had to find a way to satisfy his relentless passion for the knowledge that could come from clairvoyant precognition of the mind. But how did a person get such an arcane capacity? he wondered.

Wide reading in the field of parapsychology and telepathy brought him to the point of investigating the use of special gems with psychic properties attached to them. That appeared a promising method to him. But who could provide him guidance on the matter?

Peter decided to locate a gemologist with an interest in the psychic. He asked friends and acquaintances who might have useful information and one of them gave him the name of a dealer in precious gems named Joseph Morse. This man had a well-known hobby that centered on the psychic and the occult.

Peter followed this advice and stopped in at the Lower Manhattan shop of the man who was a reputed expert on jewels and gems.

The Joseph Morse Company was located on 47th St. looked unimpressive to Peter when he found and entered the old-fashioned looking establishment that had generations of history in the business of precious gemstones. He felt an indefinite unease. How was a person to approach someone in this money-oriented trade with a request as unusual as his?

There did not seem to be anyone around in the entrance chamber of dark varnished wood. But a secretary instantly appeared when the front door’s warning bell rang. Peter identified himself and the woman led him into the back offices, to the one occupied by the president and main owner of the prestigious gem company.

Morse was a middle-aged man with balding head and large, protruding stomach. He rose from his work desk and offered the visitor his hand, then asked him to take one of the chairs.

“Friends of mine tell me that you have great curiosity concerning the legends surrounding precious gems of various sorts,” began the businessman, smiling at Peter once both of them were seated. “What is it about stones that interests you so much, may I ask?”

“I will be perfectly truthful with you, Mr. Morse. My purpose and aim is to find out and try to use some gem for a sort of selfish goal. I wish to apply the power and influence of a stone that has within it the ability to look into and connect with the future. In other words, I am seeking one that can grant me psychic contact with events in my own life that have not yet occurred, but are to be in time to come.”

He gazed eagerly into the whitish eyes of the surprised merchant, looking to find out whether he was trusted by him.

“I hope you don’t take me for a crazy lunatic of some sort, Mr. Morse. My request of you is a most serious one, believe me. Do you think you could guide my search with your expert advice?”

“Call me Joe, please,” said the perplexed dealer, still trying to judge the character of the stranger in his office.

The pair studied each other thoughtfully for awhile. It was Peter who spoke first.

“Perhaps it would be best if I left and allowed you to consider further, sir,” he meekly uttered.

Morse let out a friendly laugh. “Not at all. I think that you are a serious person and came to me with sincere curiosity. My time is taken up with business matters during most of the day, but evenings are perfectly free for me. I will have my secretary give you the address of my apartment and we can talk there in confidence this very evening.

“It seems that our private interest overlap, because I myself have always had a deep interest in the question of clairvoyant probing into the past and the future. There is much that I have picked up over the years that might aid you in your quest.

“I hope to see you again tonight, Mr. Rine.”

The address was an expensive apartment overlooking the South St. Seaport. Joe Morse showed his guest into a large den with a panoramic window facing the East River.

The two men sat down on comfortable easy chairs and the gemologist begin with a surprise for Peter Rine.

“I thought that the best aid I could furnish you in your personal quest would be to introduce you to a friend of mine who has actually looked into his own future life with miraculous success. He has never publicized what he has achieved, because he is extremely modest and private about it. But there is no question in my mind that Horace Turk is a genuine clairvoyant.” He took a glance down at his watch. “He will be arriving here soon, I believe.”

“This fellow has had experience with the application of gemstones to telepathic ends, then?”

Before Joe could reply, the chime of the apartment entrance sounded.

“That must be Horace,” said the dealer. “I’ll go and let him in.”

A big, brawny figure with inky black hair and eyes strode in with a runner’s momentum. Morse introduce him to Peter Rine, whose hand he shook with vigorous strength. “I have looked forward to meeting with you since Joe told me about your burning interest in clairvoyance,” said Horace Turk with a confidence-projecting grin.

When all three of them were seated, Joe asked Peter to tell them how he came to have such a driving passion to know his own future.

“It probably arises out of my career as a painter. I have had a small number of showings here in the city since I arrived four years ago from the Midwest. But the realization that I will be growing older with the passing years has made me anxious about how I end up.

“Will I die an unknown, obscure, forgotten mediocrity? Shall I never have the satisfaction of true originality and creativity? In other words, will my years of effort end up as futile self-deception?

“I ache to find out what the final judgment of the art world will be on me. Was it a big mistake for me to bring myself to the New York scene? How can I continue painting unless I discover where it will all lead?”

Peter, his green eyes nearly in sorrow and tears, waited for what direction Horace would give to him.

“You seem to be an individual who can benefit from the psychic insight that gemstones are capable of producing. Yes, I believe that my own experience in clairvoyant visioning can benefit your striving for knowledge about your future. We can start immediately.” He turned to the gem merchant. “Joe, would you assist what we will be doing together? There will be a need for you to lend us the particular gemstones that I want to try out on our friend here.”

“I will allow the use of anything that I own in my inventory,” promised Joe. “This should turn out to be of great interest to me. I must admit that with all my years in the gem business, I have never had even the smallest degree of psychic connection to either the past, the present, or the future.”

Horace turn his gaze on Peter. “I plan to start you off with the stone named charoite and see what happens.”

Joe offered to provide a room in the rear of his shop as a meeting place for Horace and Peter, and the two thanked him for his help.

At their initial session together, Horace presented a purple charoite for the painter to carry on him all day, then to sleep with at night.

“The purple variety appears to have the greatest parapsychological effect, although there also exist lilac-colored, lavender, and violet charoite types. The gem was discovered by the Russians, and the name means full of miraculous wonders, I understand. Psychics call it the stone of prophecy, and with valid reason.

“It has a silky luster that gives it a chatoyant shimmer, like a cat’s eye. Many believe that it brings inspiration and mental strength to those who wear and hold it. The dark crystal surface endows one with the profound vision needed to see what is coming in the future. Insights derived from the charoite can affect the decisions that a person makes in present time.

“Will you wear spend sufficient time scrying, gazing, and concentrating your mind upon a charoite gemstone, Peter?”

“I certainly will,” declared the artist with enthusiasm.

For several hours each morning, then again in the afternoon, Peter placed the gemstone before him on an empty small table, sat down, and stared without interruption at the charoite. Whenever his thoughts wandered, he compelled his mind to return to its single, chosen focus. I must make this object work its influence upon me, and make me into a genuine clairvoyant who perceives what will be, the painter repeated to himself continually. I must not give up this hunt of mine for salvation through skrying the essence of the gem. It must take total power over my existence as a living being. This is the only pathway forward for me, there is no other.

When Peter returned to the gemstone shop in a week, it was Joe Morse who saw him first in the front chamber. “How is it going with you?” asked the concerned gemologist.

“Nothing has changed, nothing at all. My knowledge of what is going to happen to me is stuck where it always has been. I am no more clairvoyant than I was before. It has been a disappointment, Joe.”

“Perhaps Horace can direct you to something more effective this time,” sighed the man who bought and sold gems.

Within a minute or so, Peter was sitting opposite Horace and relating to him the failure of his effort to see into his own future. “I tried with all that is in me, but I could not penetrate any further with my mind. When I was asleep, no revelations struck me, none at all.

“What should I do now, Horace? The guilt for what happened has to be mine. Maybe it is impossible for me to become clairvoyant. What do you think? Has it all been an empty dream for me?”

Horace shook his head. “We cannot give up. It frequently happens that a first attempt ends with no positive result. One has to go on, trying another road.

“My advice at this point is that you proceed to using another gemstone, one with different properties from charoite. That could be the path to your psychic victory. You must not surrender to defeat or give up your quest, Peter. So much depends on your reaching the goal.”

“What stone will I now turn to?” inquired the painter.

“I have chosen apatite for you. It comes in many hues and colors, but I prefer the blue-green variety. This stone is said to facilitate artistic creativity, and would therefore fit with your personality’s contours. It is know to stimulate what we call the Third Eye, the internal, unseen one of the soul.

“Apatite can open the door to both clairvoyance through vision and clairaudience through sound. It is often the soil for prophetic dreams. I myself have used it back in my earliest psychic experiments.”

Peter pursed his lips as he made his decision. “Very well. I will have to try using this gemstone that you speak about.”

As he had done before, the artist once again spent hours gazing at the stone provided him by Joe. Again, he slept with it touching his chest. The result of his strenuous striving was the same as earlier. His depression then returned, magnified in volume.

The following week he returned to the shop of the gemologist with his spirit weighed down with gloom. Joe Morse could see it in his face as soon as he caught sight of him.

“How has your week gone, Peter?” inquired the merchant, knowing what he had to expect from the would-be clairvoyant.

“It was a gigantic disappointment all over again,” mournfully said the crestfallen young man, averting his green eyes.

In a short time, Peter was alone in the rear of the shop with Horace and had to make a fuller report to the man guiding him in the field of parapsychology.

“Do not despair, my friend,” he advised in a soothing, confident tone. “There is no one in this area who does not suffer disappointment in the early stages. We have to accept the truth of how difficult clairvoyance and all the other regions of the psychic world are to enter and penetrate. If it were easy, every person out on the sidewalks of New York would be sending and receiving all sorts of signals and messages.”

Horace attempted a reassuring smile, but it failed to impress the one it was aimed at encouraging.

The large-sized psychic then did as he had before, proposing a third gemstone that tradition characterized as containing special powers to help the mind seeking outside connection.

“I want you to try an extraordinary gemstone that I myself have turned to whenever I fell into difficulties with my own gifts in the past,” said the advisor to Peter.

“What is it?” weakly asked the painter, his mood much more negative than it had been on the earlier sessions with Horace.

The latter spoke in a dramatically cheerful manner that had an aroma of being falsely assumed about it.

“Have you ever heard of tourmaline? It comes in a variety of colors, but for me the most effective version is the black stone. The psychic characteristics of this gem are strong and influential. I always feel much better in contact with this particular gem, Peter.”

“Let me see what it looks like,” muttered the latter as if already exhausted and disappointed with this third attempt at clairvoyance.

Horace handed a tiny white cardboard box he was holding in his right hand over to the anxious artist, who opened the lid to take a first look at the midnight black gemstone.

“You believe that this one can do what the other could not?” said Peter with a large quantity of doubt.

“We must try over and over until the goal of clairvoyance is attained,” said Horace in a voice as confident as he could make it. “I predict that all your painful despondency with disappear instantly once you attain your initial psychic triumph. It will then be a different world for you.”

Peter started the same cycle of gazing at the stone that he had carried out the other times. And at night he slept with it attached to his chest with a piece of plastic tape.

Two nights went by with his hope for something different dashed by lack of any hint of results at all.

What am I doing going on with such a futile effort? he thought often.

Why don’t I put a halt to this useless illusion that something miraculous is going to happen to me? How is all this going to end for me? There did not appear to be any way out of this endless circle of failure and disillusion for Peter. But then a vision, either conscious or engulfed in his sleep, occurred.

He saw his pair of associates, Joe Morse and Horace Turk, sitting opposite each other in the back room of the gem shop, the one he was so familiar with. Joe was saying something to Horace that was barely audible.

“This is a tragic finish to what we were trying to do for Peter. Who could have foreseen it would all end this way? I can hardly stand to think about what the poor soul did. It is unimaginable that he would kill himself with the sleeping pills that he took in order to get his needed rest.

“Why did he do it? What drove him into self-destruction? There was so much he could have done with his painting. I realize that he was depressed by the failure up to now in use of the gemstones that we gave him. But who can say? Clairvoyance might have been available for him at any hour of any day. He could have been so near, on the very brink, of the goal he was seeking.

“We shall never know what Peter might have accomplished had he been more patient and continued as you advised him to, Horace.”

The bruin-like psychic furrowed his wide brow. “I blame myself for not seeing the danger to him, and what he might do in his deep disappointment. Perhaps I should never have agreed to help him with his ambition to become a clairvoyant able to read the future. But I had no way of knowing what his fate would turn out to be.

“But maybe there was no possible way that you or I could have prevented his eventual suicide, Joe. Perhaps that end was inevitable for him.”

All at once, the vision came to an end.

Peter sprang out of his bed in a few seconds. He reached to his chest and tore off the tape, letting the tourmaline gemstone fall to the floor, ignoring its disappearance into the dark.

He headed for his apartment’s bathroom, where he knew that there were the sleeping pills that would put an end to his ever having any clairvoyant view of the future again.


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