Anti-Nephilim of San Francisco

16 Apr

Philip Bizen had no way of knowing what he was getting himself involved in. He was a new arrival in the most advanced high-tech research in Silicon Valley, and it was his decision to find an apartment in San Francisco and commute on a company bus to his job miles away down in Redwood City. He had no quarrels with that arrangement, but it left him in isolation without friends in the metropolis by the Bay. The situation made him a hunter for social contact and affiliation as soon as he became settled in.

The computer engineer found what he was looking for in a Cole Valley neighborhood, an apartment complex occupied by prosperous young professional like himself. As soon as possible, Philip introduced himself to his new neighbors. It was one of them, a commercial artist, who invited the newcomer to what he described as “a spiritual experience party” at a Russian Hill condo.

Philip accepted the offer to share a cab to what proved to be something of a transformational event for him.

Most of the twenty or more people present introduced themselves to the tall, handsome, and muscular engineer working in the Silicon Valley but living in the City by the Bay. Philip noticed that there were no alcoholic beverages offered or available, but a coffee table packed with health food snacks. At last, the guest who was slated to be the speaker arrived. The condo owner called the assembled group to order and introduced the short, heavy man with thinning auburn hair as Adam Poe, one who was to explain what Anti-Nephilimism was.

The listeners were motionless and attentive as Poe addressed them in a strong, melodic voice that indicated he had the potential to become a talented singer if he decided to use it in that field.

“My friends, I realize that most of you are not familiar with the Hebrew word of Nephilim, as it appears in the Sixth Chapter of the Book of Genesis. In order to fully explain it to you, I have to delve into the non-canonical, apocryphal Book of First Enoch, which provides more detail.

“We discover there that as the early children of man multiplied and a generation of beautiful daughters was born, certain angelic children of heaven saw them and were aroused to lust for them. These became the fallen angels who joined together to choose mates for themselves from the daughters of man. The Book of Enoch reveals that they begat enormous Giants with heights over three hundred cubits. These monstrous creatures consumed the food produced by mankind to such an extent that they finally turned against the people in order to feed themselves upon human flesh.

“In Biblical tradition, the fallen angels who had coitus with the daughters of man are called the Watchers, and the monsters they begat with them are forever named the Nephilim. The world that we live in no longer has the gigantic monsters such as Goliath and the Philistine giants. Eons of time have reduced the Nephilim to normal human size, making it easy for them to conceal what they by nature and essence are: a hybrid of fallen angels and human women.

“The Great Flood that came in the time of Noah killed many of these Nephilim, but a remnant survived. They are present in America, and even San Francisco in our own age. An eternal war against them shall continue until the Day of Last, Final Judgment and a new universe is born. Till then, there will be people who will be awake and aware of what evil they possess and are capable of. They disguise themselves with crafty slyness. Most people never uncover them, but they can bring ruin upon those them make their victims.

“If you should wish more knowledge about the hunt for and the conflict with these unholy abominations hidden among us, my colleagues and I would be willing to assist and instruct you in what we do.

“Thank you for your patient attention.”

Adam Poe headed for the door among his nearly mesmerized listeners. But one lone person audaciously approached him and asked a question.

“How can I contact you and arrange for deeper enlightenment, sir?” said the fascinated Philip Bizen, his emotions in a whirlwind.

Poe reached into his suit coat pocket and took out a card that he handed to the engineer, then proceeded out of the apartment.

It was late the following morning, almost noon, that Philip found the address given to him by the enchanting anti-Nephilim he had heard speak. He was glad that this was a weekend and he did not have to report to work until Monday.

Mr. Adam Poe lived in a small white house on 9th St. in the Sunset neighborhood. It was a very ordinary setting for someone who spent much of his time hunting down Biblical monsters, the progeny of evil fallen angels and women they seduced or raped, marveled the visitor.

As soon as he rang the front bell, a small woman with long black hair and clear green eyes answered the door. She smiled as she asked who he was.

“I was in the audience that listened to Mr. Poe speak last night,” explained Philip. “Your husband gave me this address and said to stop by to talk with him.”

“He is not married to me,” she explained. “Please, step right in.”

The room was shadowy and contained old, derelict furniture from an earlier half-century or so. The woman in housedress told Philip that she would go to the rear of the house and tell Adam he had a guest.

The engineer was barely comfortable in a huge sofa chair with plastic covering when the small expert on Nephilim rushed into the living room. Philip rose and shook hands with him. “I’m so glad that you have come,” said Poe breathlessly. “It appears that you are the only person there last night with more than a passing interest in what I have devoted my life to. It is not at all easy for me to present my ideas and what I am engaged in to a room full of strangers.

“I used to be a hematological technician, a blood analyst, down in the Los Angeles area, but I had to retire because of a physical illness. That gave me the opportunity to devote my time to the study of Nephilim, and start my campaign to locate and destroy as many as possible. It is not at all easy or pleasant. But my companion, Elsa, helps sustain me in my personal crusade. You saw her a minute ago. She is completely dedicated to what I am doing.” He stared for a time at the long, thin face of his visitor. “Would you like to read some of what I have written about the hunt for the Nephilim? It will help you a lot in understanding why what I am engaged in has such great importance for the future.”

“Yes,” answered Philip. “I would be delighted to see what you wrote.”

Adam grinned like a cat. “I will get my booklet for you, but first you must eat lunch with me. Let’s go into the kitchen and see what my Elsa has prepared today,” he softly said, pointing with his right hand to the back of the small house.

After finishing lunch with Elsa at the small aluminum table, the two men returned to the living room, where Poe explained the connection between his training in blood examination and the identification of concealed Nephilims,

“The tie-in occurred to me all of a sudden, like a brainstorm. It came after I retired from the hospital where I had been employed. My years of practical experience in blood analysis opened the door for me at the same time as I was immersing myself in Biblical literature, especially the ancient Apocrypha.

“I grew fascinated by studies done in recent years on the DNA of hominid species closely related to ourselves. The ability to discover microscopic samples of pre-historic blood or bones made it possible for me to find still unidentified genes. I bought several expensive optical instruments that allowed me to have my own lab. Whenever you wish, I will show it to you, back in what used to be used as a small pantry behind our kitchen.” He unconsciously lowered his voice to nearly a Whisper. “I reached the conclusion that a part of what was classified to be Neanderthal blood was in reality a relic of interbreeding with ancient Nephilims.”

The two stared at each other in silence for several moments.

“Yes,” finally said Philip. “If you wish, you can show me the lab you work in right now.”

The engineer volunteered to become a collector of DNA samples from thrown away items such as plastic coffee cups in office refuse at the computer facility he worked in at Redwood City. He could not bring in large numbers of things or anything too big, but he gradually came to be an important supplier of material for Adam’s lab.

Three months of labor by Philip in Silicon Valley produced no trail to any Nephilim, though. The hunt began to appear a futile one to the eager computer engineer.

Adam, sensing the discouragement deepening in his new disciple, tried to explain the continual failure to find anyone with the genetic markers going back to the Fallen Angels, the cursed Watchers over mankind.

“I have had the same difficulties as you, Philip. It seems to me that centuries of interbreeding with the human stock has resulted in wholesale dilution of the Nephilim remnant of genes, to the extent that they have become better concealed through the biological laws of genetic evolution. They have become ever smaller, more camouflaged by all the genes inherited from Adam and Eve.

“But there is a final remedy for us, I believe.”

“And what can that be?” excitedly asked his DNA-hunter, Philip.

A proudly confident smile crossed the thin lips of Poe.

“I have been compelled to conclude the blood itself will always be the last and final indicator. What the flesh can conceal, the components of blood must finally reveal to us after exhaustive study and analysis.

“You must obtain such samples for me, Philip.” He concentrated his watery blue eyes on the face of his new assistant, impressing him with the centrality of finding Nephilim traces in blood.

How does one go about obtaining samples of blood from people? wondered the new San Franciscan.

Only after several days of long thought did he come up with a method that depended upon subtle subterfuge.

Philip looked in the City Telephone Directory for the names and addresses of public blood banks and devised what he was going to say as he started a round of visits to them, one by one.

He was a researcher eager to examine their computer systems, especially how they recorded and arranged the donations of blood and protected the names and addresses of the donors.

Philip was astounded how easy it turned out for him to convince the various managers and administrators that he was what he claimed to be, and that he had a legitimate reason to study their electronic records.

He showed and flashed about his I.D. as an expert employed down in the Silicon Valley. No one dared challenge his entry into their systems.

Philip always left these sites smiling to himself.

He was also making close examinations of the security at each location, deciding where a break-in would be easiest to carry out.

He finally chose the donor site at the Mills Building on Bush St.

It is not simple for an amateur to commit burglary at a well-protected location, even one that no professional criminal would see value in robbing. Philip bought a number of heavy tools he thought might be of use in making his way into the site.

He rented a car for use till the following morning, then drove with his kit of tools to the vicinity of the blood donation center, parking two streets away from it. Solid night fell over San Francisco. It was moonless and starless, the clouded sky ideal for what he was planning to do. When he thought it was late enough to be safer to proceed, he exited onto the empty sidewalk, carrying his bag of burglary instruments. No one was around to notice him approaching the target area. It was a surprise to the computer engineer how smoothly his adventurous caper was proceeding. He ducked into the back alley that would take him to the rear door through which cargo entered and left the blood bank facility.

Philip, looking about and making sure he was alone and unobserved, took out his hammer and drill and began working on the locking device of the metal door. As noiselessly as he could, the amateur criminal loosened the handle and lock, then slowly and carefully removed them from their connections. It seemed to him an extremely long time before he was certain that everything was ready for safely opening this barrier to the stored supplies of blood and the donor lists.

With gradual, calibrated, and calculated small pushes, he managed to make for himself an opening into the completely darkened interior.

As soon as the intruder took his first step forward across the threshold that he had created, a shrill ringing broke out. It resounded through his ears, into the deep inside of his head.

In seconds, Philip realized that the entrance was wired to start this deafening alarm sound. What was going to happen next? Was he about to be captured by an approaching San Francisco Police patrol car?

The panicked engineer went into nearly automatic escape movement. He did not try to pick up his burglary tools or even his carrying bag. He ran as of for his very life. Almost without conscious thought.

Philip had left the parked car unlocked, and he was thankful for that.

He hopped into the vehicle, drew out the keys, and successfully started the engine.

When a police car arrived at the blood bank in a few minutes, the man who had set off the ringing was at a safe distance away.

I must go and report what happened here to Adam Poe, his racing, overloaded brain told the excited Nephilim hunter.

It was almost midnight when Philip parked the rented car near the house where Adam and Elsa lived. Would they still be up? The lights were on in the front room, so he proceeded up to the entrance and rang the door bell.

Elsa appeared, her face looking startled, as if disturbed by something.

“Is Adam awake?” asked the visitor as she allowed him to step in.

She closed the front door behind him.

“He is not at home,” she managed to tell him. “Something has happened. It is not pleasant at all.”

Philip felt sudden alarm. “What is it, Elsa? Has something happened to him?”

She began to move toward the kitchen. “Adam will not be coming back here,” she hoarsely whispered. “It is horrible, what he discovered late today. Come back there with me. He left me a letter, and you will be the only person that I let see it, Philip.”

The latter, his mind reeling, followed the distraught woman to the rear of the small house.

When she stood beside the kitchen table, Elsa picked up a letter sheet with writing on it, handing it over to the perplexed, disoriented assistant Anti-Nephilim.

He took the piece of paper and quickly learned what the problem with Adam Poe was.

“Dearest Elsa,

“I have stumbled upon something that must end it all for me. This morning I decided to run a blood test on myself, out of some kind of idle curiosity perhaps. What I found out seemed impossible. I checked my blood over and over. There can be no question about it.

“In my genetic inheritance there exists a minor, minute trace of Nephilim nature. It is something that I never expected I could find within myself. It can never be lost or omitted. I must carry it till the end.

“I was the greatest fraud and phony there ever was. It is not possible for me to continue what I began. Everything has to end for me, as soon as possible.

“I will be going over on the Golden Gate Bridge sometime tonight. Do not attempt to rescue me in any way. This is a decision I cannot escape from. Forget that you ever knew me, a carrier of Nephilim blood, my dear. I do this because I have to, but also because I love you so much. To have gone on would be a constant danger to you and everybody else around me.

“Yours in eternal love, Adam Poe.”

Philip handed the note back to Elsa. Since there was nothing for him to say, he left the house in absolute silence.


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